As this cold season approaches and we stock up on Vitamin C it is important to be aware that this vitamin can have an effect on your FertilityCare chart!

We take Vitamin C when we feel a cold coming on to help dry up the congestion in our heads and chest…mucus! Aha! Yes, it is no surprise that Vitamin C, at high doses, has a drying effect on cervical fluid too!

In fact there is a specific Vitamin C protocol for those who have continuous cervical fluid to help eliminate some of the “extra” mucus so the pattern of fertility/infertility can be observed more easily.

So does this mean women should not be taking Vitamin C when they have a cold? No, not at all! Just be aware of the possible effect on the chart. Just as you should keep track of any changes to medications and supplements you are taking so you can see how they affect your chart, don’t forget to include increases in Vitamin C.

And if you think you might be a candidate for the Vitamin C protocol due to a continuous mucus discharge please contact your practitioner or FertilityCare Toronto to learn more!

vitamin c