Name of Policy: Privacy Policy
Purpose of Policy: To disclose the purpose of information collected and any distribution.

Administrative Uses of Personal Information
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys FertilityCare Toronto (MBFC) collects personal information such as phone numbers, email address and payment information in order to administer the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) charting program. This information remains confidential and is only accessed and used by required personnel.  Once the payment(s) is(are) processed, payment information is destroyed. Client phone numbers and email addresses may be used to provide clients with general information about MBFC.  At any time, clients can unsubscribe from contact lists.

Client Follow-up Sessions and Referrals to Medical Consultants
In addition, through private follow-up sessions with the CrMS practitioner, clients may share personal and confidential information to assist in the teaching of the CrMS. This information remains with the practitioner and is not shared with anyone without express written permission from the client.  With the client’s express written permission, the client’s specific health and client information would be faxed to a FertilityCare Medical Consultant (FCMC) for client/patient care. In addition, with the client’s express permission, general client information may be shared in a case management session with other MBFC Practitioners and FCMCs. The purpose of a case management session is to improve client care by sharing general client information with MBFC Practitioners and FCMCs, without sharing specific personal identifying information. Lastly, MBFC would release private and confidential information if required by law.


The Executive Director acts as the Privacy Officer.

Effective Date: January 2004
Revision Dates: May 2019, December 2020