Canadian Infertility Awareness Week May 7 – 13, 2017

Sharing the Journey of Infertility: a FertilityCare Practitioners Story…

When I meet a new client couple who has decided to enter the FertilityCare Program I am very aware of the hurt and broken dreams that have led them to our door. I am also honest about our success rates for pregnancy emphasizing the certainty that FertilityCare and NaProTECHNOLOGY will lead them to better overall health and an understanding of the underlying problem which may have been plaguing them for years. I share our belief that good health is much more likely to result in pregnancy. Good health before pregnancy is good for both mums and babies. Good health is a good outcome.

I see the caution, hesitancy and distrust that years of investigations, harsh treatments and failed attempts have bred in both of them. I try to imagine what this must be like…
It is a slow journey to build their trust in me, our system and the results to come. I hope and pray for their dream to come true with a healthy couple, a positive pregnancy test and a beautiful baby.

We meet every two weeks and review the very intimate details of their reproductive routine.
We encourage her to keep up the good job of developing her new daily routine of making observations.
We encourage him to record these valuable observations at the end of each day in order to reveal the much sought information about the underlying hormones and how they function.
Together they become a team, recording their fertility.
Together they learn to appreciate and understand the role each plays in their combined fertility, the fertility of the couple.
Together they visit the FertilityCare Medical Consultant (doctor) to learn what the next steps are to this targeted, restorative, investigation and treatment called NaProTECHNOLOGY.

Treatment plans are determined once the investigations are complete.
“Effective cycles” are counted.
And we all wait for the good news!

When couples call to say they are pregnant I celebrate with them!
…And then ask if they have called the FertilityCare Medical Consultant to check on their hormone levels now that pregnancy has been achieved. Hormone levels will be followed as long as is necessary to avoid miscarriage and later, preterm labour. After baby is born, mum is monitored for postpartum depression. There is a protocol for that too!

Of course not all couples get that good news they long for…an outcome we must prepare for. As a FertilityCare Practitioner I have also been privileged to be part of the discussion when couples are discerning when to end the journey. It is a very personal decision and not taken lightly by anyone. Recognizing that children are a gift, not a right, it is important to honor and support the couple as they make the decision that is best for their family.
…To continue to support their journey to good health, to recognize that good health is a successful outcome and to thank them for allowing me to accompany them on this intimate and special journey.