About FertilityCare Toronto

FertilityCare Toronto is a fertility, natural family planning, and women’s health centre. Operating for 30 years, FertilityCare Toronto’s total-health model is contemporary, cooperative, inexpensive, ecological, and highly effective. Annually, we receive over 150 new clients through our various program streams, and celebrate the births of over 50 babies, an industry leading standard. Our method allows a couple to understand and appreciate their fertility which in turns fosters growth in cooperation, respect and love in their marriage and family.

Our approach to fertility is based in Creighton Model FertilityCare™ and the science of NaProTechnology.

As a registered Canadian charity, we rely upon community support in order to assist the women and couples with their reproductive health.

Our Mission

To treat women’s health issues by providing innovative medical care which respects the dignity of the person.

To educate all in the truth about love and human sexuality through fertility appreciation, rooted and grounded in Catholic teachings.

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